13 December 2022

For parents or carers concerned about the recent reports about Group A Strep (also known as Strep A), NHS Cheshire and Merseyside have published important information on what you should look out for and when you should contact a health professional. Please click here to read this.

Strep A is a bacteria that can cause illnesses such as Scarlet Fever in young children, often between 2 and 8 years old. It spreads very easily when people cough. Get your children to cough into a tissue, put the tissue in a bin and wash their hands.

Scarlet Fever is usually not serious. It can be treated with antibiotics and children can normally go back to school in 24 hours. But some children can get it worse. If this happens you must tell a health professional or ring 111 for help.

 Please click here to view the above information in a document and for a list of signs of Scarlet Fever to look out for (Right click to save)